Custom Orders

Please contact us directly for custom inquiries:

We get many inquiries regarding making custom furniture pieces, especially during our many “market shows” where we have several of our tables on display. The one common comment we always hear is that “custom” means extra costs. The process of creating a custom piece is not as expensive as many think! In fact, many customers are pleasantly surprised when we quote the project.

The advantage of a custom piece is everyones needs are unique to their home’s décor and space. Usually our requests come along to create a piece that will fit into a special part of a home, and the customer has become frustrated trying to find a piece either in store or online that fits their requirements.

Given a certain space, colour décor, unique taste and preferences we can provide ideas and samples to lead you along the way.

Once we have a concept, we will provide choices along the way as to various pieces of wood, resin options(if you desire that), exact heights, leg options( whether metal, solid wood, turned spindles etc.,) Once you’ve narrowed down the choices, you’ll see what we can create before we begin, and changes can be made along the way if we haven’t proceeded too far along the build.

The other really unique benefit to custom furniture is you choose the finish, the sheen or matte look you desire, the protection you’d like to add to prevent damage and wear to the piece.

We work with each client to select unique pieces of wood, often slabs of live edge that take time to find that perfect piece.

Please see our reviews that clients have left about some of our projects, and we hope that we can work with you to create an affordable, unique and lasting piece you will be proud to display in your home.