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Charcuterie Boards

The Elsa

The Elsa is a beautiful Board named for my Granddaughter’s love of a popular princess. We used several tones of aquas mixed into the resin. The curing process of the resin creates considerable heat and results in what is known as an exothermic reaction, which lends to the swirling effect. The walnut contrasts beautifully with the light blues. This piece is probably best suited as an art piece and when set with sunlight behind it, the translucent effects are really unique!


Width: 12”

Depth: 1 3/8”

The Apple

Stunning Apple figured art piece using a rose pigment displaying the layers of decomposing that is now prevented from aging any further. A true conversation piece to be displayed as art.

Length: 21”

Width: 10″

Depth: 5/8″


Charcuterie Board of walnut and translucent pearl white resin.

Length: 23 1/2”

Width: 11 3/4”

Depth: 5/8”

Sea Foam

Sea foam green with contrasting black walnut has been our most popular colour.

Length:23 5/8”

Width: 11 3/4” Thickness: 5/8”


Charcuterie Board of walnut and translucent burnt umber orange.

Length: 20 3/4”

Width: 10 1/2”

Depth: 5/8”

Family Favourites

Perfect size for entertaining and sharing with family! Charcuterie Board of Olive wood with translucent Smokey sea foam . This is a large board that will serve a feast in style! What a way to entertain in a classy display!

Length: 33 1/2”

Width: 12 1/2”

Depth: 5/8”

Apples and Bananas

Charcuterie Board of walnut and we added a piece of beautiful Apple burl with banana translucent resin.

Length: 23 1/4”

Width: 11 3/4”

Depth: 5/8”


Charcuterie Board of splatted maple and burnt orange translucent resin.

Height: 22 1/2”

Width: 11 5/8”

Depth: 3/4”

Cherry Mauve

Charcuterie Board of cherry and mauve translucent resin.

Height: 16 1/2”

Width: 12”

Depth: 3/4”

Clearly Walnut

The walnut with all its imperfections filled with an umber translucent resin to show the character of the wood.

Height: 21 1/2”

Width: 11”

Depth: 5/8”


Charcuterie Board of walnut with Smokey black translucent resin.

Height: 17 3/4”

Width: 8 7/8”

Depth: 9/16”


Charcuterie Board using 3 pieces of walnut and accented with a translucent forest green resin.

Height: 23 1/2”

Width: 11 3/4”

Depth: 5/8”

Jelly Wrap

Charcuterie Board of black walnut surrounded by a translucent dark blue resin.

Height: 23 3/4”

Width: 11 3/4”

Depth: 5/8”

Black and White

Charcuterie Board out of an unusual knotted piece of black walnut. We contrasted the black with a translucent white resin that has a pearl pigment.

Height: 22 1/4”

Width: 11 1/2”

Depth: 5/8”


Burl Art Piece, we used two species of burl for this board. We used two pieces of cottonwood burl and we incorporated 3 pieces of beautiful Apple burl that actually came from a unique piece of Apple firewood. It is accented with a rose coloured translucent resin. Truly a conversation piece.

Height: 21 1/2”

Width: 10 3/4”

Depth: 5/8”

Board Tradition

Walnut live edge with Smokey grey resin inlay cheese board.

Height: 18″

Width: 8 1/2″

Depth: 5/8”


Laminated cheese/cutting board. We used various species of exotic hardwoods that display their natural vibrant colours.

Height: 18”

Width: 7 1/4”

Depth: 3/4”


Pebbled Pond

Truly stunning unique conversation piece, as well as a practical end table. 42 1/2” L x 16” W x 1” T resting on solid splated maple legs 25” high. River end table of reclaimed cottonwood with inflated river rocks and pebbles and koi figures. A river table!

Lava Table

Unique walnut coffee table of walnut and translucent burnt orange resin. Gorgeous live edge pieces incorporating burned orange resin.

Length: 58”

Width: 21 1/2”

Height: 26 1/2”

Aether Table

Walnut resin coffee table. Stunning display of colours! This beautifully crafted table measures 47”L x 27 1/2”W x 1 1/4”T. It is 21 1/2” High and rests on 3 1/2” solid walnut legs. The resin is a slate blue which contrasts with the black edges of the walnut and is translucent enough to see the figuring of the edges.

The Great Flood Table

Reclaimed cottonwood with splatted maple legs end table measuring 34 1/2”Lx 12 1/4”Wx 2” T The table top is resting on solid splatted maple legs that are 26” High. This beautiful end table was created using reclaimed cottonwood from downtown Calgary destroyed during the floods of 2013. It is full of character and the Smokey grey translucent resin contrasts with the brown figuring of the live edges.

Forest Table

Beautiful figured walnut with translucent forest green resin measuring 36” x 15” x 5/8” table top, resting on solid walnut legs 24” high. This would make a unique small end table displaying the true character of the walnut with the voids and crevices all filled with resin.

Matching set of Caribbean Blue river tables.

Absolutely beautiful and unique matching pair of river tables built using Manitoba Maple burl and a Caribbean aqua blue translucent resin. The natural colours of the maple stand out against the resin river. The wood shows beautiful burl with the natural pink accents. The resin shows through and the knobby features of the various burl show through. The coffee table measures 60” long, 21 1/2” wide, and is 1 1/2” thick. The table stands 21 1/2” high on solid maple legs. The matching end table is identical in colours except one edge is also encased in a clear resin showing the inside edge of the maple. It also is made with the end cuts of the same boards we used in the larger coffee table, and it measures 19 1/2” square top, 1 1/2” thick and sits 27 1/2” high on solid maple legs.